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Drabo Hardenberg B.V. is traditionally a family business, founded in 1978 by Bertus Back and Hans Overmars. At the time it started at the private address of Bertus Back on Brinkstraat, but soon moved to the current location at Energieweg 13 in Hardenberg. Since 2006 the company has been passed on to the current management: Jaap Oosterhof, Marc Back and Renate Meulenkamp-Back. All three had worked in the company for years and had the drive to continue it.
Why Drabo?
Drabo Hardenberg B.V. is a flexible, advanced and ambitious family business in the machining sector. All of us together, approximately 75 employees with a high degree of craftsmanship, are able to deliver a wide range of products in our technically advanced machinery. Both serial products and single products, from small to large, are sent to our customers in various industrial sectors including the hydraulic industry, the pump and dredging industry, the oil and gas industry, the automotive industry and the general engineering industry every day.


Drabo is a reliable, strategic and flexible partner of technically high-quality products for the manufacturing industry. We stand for professionalism, environmentally responsible and innovative production and customer satisfaction.


We focus on reliability, commitment, quality and efficiency.

We do not stand still

We like to think and grow with our customers and keep optimizing by continuously investing in our employees, sustainable employability, automation and robotics.

Regional Involvement

We support the locally Regional Technical Center, we contribute to a Strong Technical Education, we help local sports clubs and we actively participate in governing bodies so that we also take our responsibilities in the social field.

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Drabo Hardenberg B.V.
Energieweg 13-15
+31 523 26 39 39
7772 TV Hardenberg


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