Fastems system

Our third production hall is based on automation and unmanned production. To this end, horizontal milling machines are connected to an automated pallet warehouse, better known as an FMS system from Fastems.
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FMS Stands for Flexibel Manufacturing System. Drabo has an FMS cell from Fastems that is quite unique in its implementation. Our FMS line can handle machine pallets 630×630 as well as 800×800 pallets. The Fastems line is designed as a Heavy Duty system (HD) which means that a maximum of 3500 kg (incl. Pallet) can be placed per pallet location. The pallets that are in the Fastems warehouse are loaded on a loading station which can tilt as rotate, so that you always have your hands free to tension.


Details Fastems

Particularities: Fastems MLS-HD systeem.

The Fastems system at Drabo is equipped to handle both 630 x 630 mm pallets and 800 x 800 mm pallets.

The Fastems system is a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). This system is used to automate machining centers equipped with pallets.

The FMS system consists of a loading and unloading station and a pallet warehouse. The FMS automatically transports the pallets in the system to and from the machine cq. loading station. This makes it possible to load multiple pallets in advance and minimize set-up times.

The FMS system gives the freedom to be able to produce flexibly and unmanned. A total of 104 pallet locations, of which 40 locations with 800 x 800 with a maximum load of 3500 kg per location. Charging/discharging stations provided with tipping and pivoting devices to facilitate loading and unloading.

X-axis displacement: 49000 mm
Y-axis displacement: 5500 mm
Z-axis displacement: 5250 mm

Kardex system

Details Kardex system

A Kardex vertical lift system with 42 drawers is also linked to the FMS system from which using for example a 165 kg Fanuc robot the hydraulic clamping jigs are fully automatically supplied with products. After processing on the Niigata’s, the products are deburred by the robot, blown clean and returned to the Kardex system.

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