Grinding is usually applied to achieve an accurate and smooth surface. In this way you can flat, sharp (knives), round grinding or profile products.
The abrasive grain often determines the smoothness (roughness) of the surface. The smaller the grain, the smoother. A characteristic of grinding is that the cutting speed is high and the material removal is small.


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The machining options in this area at Drabo are surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. During surface grinding, a surface of the product is polished. This can be done in several ways. Sharpening can be done with the circumference of the grinding wheel, the cutting surface rubbing straight over the product. This is called “circumferential grinding”. It can also be sharpened with the side of the disc. In that case, the disc rotates over the product and the contact area is large. This is called “head grinding”. Finally, there is “profile grinding”, in which the grinding wheel has the shape of the profile to be manufactured as an edge or reads it from a template. This profile is then polished into the product. The process is used for the production of plan-parallel planes.
During round grinding, Drabo has the option of external round grinding. Think of piston rods or shaft journals which have to run purely round and require a very smooth surface condition.


Ger RSA-2000

Particularities: Digital numeric
Tablesize: 2000 x 600 mm
Maximum grinding height: 525 mm

Ger RSA-3500

Particularities: CNC controlled pick-off, digital numeric
Tablesize: 3500 x 600 mm
Maximum grinding height: 525 mm


Maximum swing over bed: 610 mm
Maximum grinding diameter: 440 mm
Distance between centres: 2250 mm

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